Our team of specialist advisors

James co-founded Reunion after holding a number of General Management positions within the New Zealand power industry at Mighty River Power Limited (2002 – 2008). These roles included General Manager Trading, General Manager – Mercury Energy and General Manager Generation.

Prior to joining Mighty River Power, James was a Director of Financial and Risk Consulting at Andersen in Australia (2001 – 2002) and held a number of senior positions within the trading room at ANZ Bank – both in New Zealand and Australia (1992 – 2000).

James has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University and completed the General Manager Program at the Harvard Business School in 2006.
Co-founder David Reeve has a long association with the electricity industry. He began as an electrical apprentice with Te Awamutu Electric Power Board. He moved on to engineering and NZCE (Electrical) before moving to ECNZ as part of the inaugural Waikato Hydro Control Centre, which became Mighty River Power in 1999.

He was on the ‘ground floor’ of industry reform and has observed and participated in much of the (sometimes chaotic) evolution of the electricity industry since 1983 (including a secondment to ECNZ’s first NZEM trading team in 1996).

At Mighty River Power he has managed Control Centres, led Industry Strategy (including regulation), held the position of General Manager, Metrix (the metering business) and Enterprise Risk. He has considerable experience in leading, mentoring and developing small teams of advanced analysts and engineers. Since 2008 he has been consulting to the industry.
Co-founder Stephen Batstone completed a PhD in Operations Research at Canterbury University. He was part of the Energy Modelling Research Group (EMRG) as they advised CORE, Transpower and ECNZ through the early days of the wholesale market in New Zealand. During his tenure at Canterbury, Stephen did extensive tutoring, lecturing and some consulting. He continued lecturing at Honours’ level until 2010.

After moving to the commercial sector with Mighty River Power in 2002 he has been intimately involved with the market and investment. He has held a variety of senior roles across regulatory, transmission, risk, investment and commercial groups, while also being actively involved at an industry level.

Stephen also led the National Energy Research Institute (NERI) over its first two years where he forged better relationships between industry and academia.
Neil has been in executive roles in the New Zealand electricity sector for more than 10 years and has over 20 years’ experience in the sector. His knowledge and experience extends across retailing, distribution, trading in New Zealand, as well as having worked in Thailand, USA, Germany and Chile in addition to New Zealand on generation development.

Neil was originally involved in the establishment of the New Zealand Electricity market in the early 1990s and was responsible for regulatory activities at Mercury Energy and Mighty River Power including identifying opportunities emerging from market change and policy development. In his most recent position at Mighty River Power as Group Strategist he guided corporate strategic direction, relationships with central government, regulators and other stakeholders as well as being responsible for public relations, media communications, legal and upstream gas exploration.

Neil has recently returned from two years based in Washington DC, representing Mighty River Power’s interests in international geothermal development.
Senior consultants
Originally from Ireland Pauline studied Electrical Engineering at University College Cork. Having completed her degree in Ireland she moved to New Zealand where she worked within the Power Industry in a number of roles.

In 2003 Pauline joined Mighty River Power where she worked with Hydro Engineering and Asset Management where she gained extensive analytical skills as a performance analyst.

In 2005 Pauline relocated to Mighty River Power’s corporate office where she held the role of Transmission Manager with Mighty River Power. Pauline gained invaluable experience in power construction projects from initial project development through to construction.
Team members
Bruce Mason has over 10 years experience working in the NZ electricity industry. His experience encompasses the generation, wholesale and retail business areas, covering both specialist and line management roles.

Bruce has hands-on experience in electricity spot market trading, hydro dispatch optimisation and business analysis. He developed optimisation models and tools for trading, risk management, reservoir management and plant outage planning.

As a wholesale market specialist, Bruce contributed to the continued development of the New Zealand industry through various market-related industry working groups.
Kevin Tseng is responsible for maintaining Reunion's portfolio of analytical tools. Kevin joined Reunion Asia Pacific as an Analyst in 2012 after graduating from the University of Auckland with a Degree of Master of Science in Statistics.

His research topic was Bootstrap methods for Linear Regression and he is experienced in variety of statistical techniques and analysis including statistical consulting, multivariate analysis, non-parametric regression, Time-series and mixed modelling.